Laurel True

Laurel True

Artist Statement

Collection: Reconstruction: Potential Excerpt from longer statement found here: ...The work I created for this exhibit, Nola NOW, Abstractions, was born from materials gathered in the street, in salvage yards and under houses, in empty lots and by the train tracks. It is the stuff of New Orleans; dirty asphalt that when cut and wet becomes a fascinating terrazzo-like material, concrete imbedded with oyster shells, bricks and ceramic that had been sitting under the floodwaters and then baking in the sun, and broken glass and mirror in piles gathering dust. These raw materials, when combined, form something new and beautiful to me. As the disparate and unpretty pieces come together, like a giant cosmic metaphor, something different is born. Each tesserae becomes like a letter in a sentence of an important history book. The ring shape I have used in this work is a form that I am currently obsessed with. It suggests to me completeness, and also possibility…openness, emptiness. Nothing and something at the same time. It is a shape that is infinite and finite at the same time.

Artist Bio

Laurel True is a public artist, educator and community organizer specializing in sculptural and architectural mosaic projects. Her projects are focused mainly in urban and developing areas and she is committed to fostering arts education and entrepreneurship both in and out of the classroom. True is co-founder of the Institute of Mosaic Art in California and has lectured and taught internationally. In addition to maintaining a professional studio practice, True facilitates community - based mosaic projects in the US, Africa, Latin America and Haiti. Her work has been featured in independent and mainstream media, books and publications. She has created and facilitated over a hundred projects over the last 20 years. She is a member of the Community Built Association, the Society of American Mosaic Artists, Americans for the Arts and the National Art Education Association.


  • Paradise
    Found and cut asphalt, Italian gold smalti, mirror and glass, fused glass
  • window street house
    salvaged glass, mirror, brick, asphalt, concrete and ceramic
    37" diameter each
  • Ninth Ward Series 2.1
    Glass, mirror, smalti, salvaged brick from New Orleans on found concrete embedded with oyster shells
    20' x 5" x 3"
  • Generations
    Ceramic tile, glass, mirror, concrete, asphalt, brick, fused glass, bronze and anodized aluminum
    Each panel 12' x 10'
    Detail, Sakre (Sacred)
  • Sakre (Sacred)
    Asphalt and concrete gathered from Oakland, New Orleans and Haiti, vintage gold smalti, recycled glass smalti from Kenya and salvaged mirror.
    21” x 32”
    Sakre (Sacred)