Reese Johanson

Reese Johanson

Artist Statement

I am committed to creating innovative and collaborative works of performance. My work is largely physical theater and dance with live music. I enjoy working with multidisciplinary artists, incorporating different performance genres into my productions. The subject of my work is very human. There are really only two things that drive us: 1. sex and 2. death. I grapple with day to day reality of "how do we procreate?" and "how do we avoid death?" by breaking it down to variations of these life objectives, sub topics. I explore desires and obstacles such as love, survival, integration, destiny, intimacy...Inspiration is endless. It comes from my presence in life.

Artist Bio

Reese Johanson is a producer, performing and visual artist, writer, fundraiser for the arts, about town socialite and party girl. As the Executive Director for Artist Inc. she is heading up the development of a performing and visual arts and community center. She produced the open forum, presenting series, The Salon, multi-disciplinary performance event UnRoute, she started the outdoor market, Elysian Fleas, and the multi-disciplinary performance series REVEL. She produced the show Decade at a Glance, from NYC co-produced the 3 city tour of Melange a’ Trois. She is the Artistic Director of the performing arts company, “the Collective” for whom she recently produced and directed the physical theater show Les Gitans. Outside of Artist Inc. she is a company member of the Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre.


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