Sibylle Peretti

Sibylle Peretti

Artist Statement

My work explores the lack of harmony between human beings and nature and our inability to become one with the natural world. My sculptures and paintings exemplify the tension between beauty and disease, intimacy and distance, innocence and knowledge. My wish is to create pieces that are sensitive, magic and touching, forcing us to ask questions about our identity and the way in which we experience ourselves in the world. My latest work is inspired by a growing fascination with Feral Children. Children, which were raised with little or no exposure to human beings. With their purity and immaculate innocence they may become closer to nature and function as a transmitter between humans and nature. They are full of wonder, mystery and the sensibility we have all lost. They have entered unknown worlds and may carry answers to the question what makes us human.

Artist Bio

Sibylle Peretti received her MFA in Sculpture and Painting 1993 at the Academy for Fine Arts Cologne, Germany. In 1992 a Residency at the CGCA Wheaton Arts, New Jersey brought her the first time to the US. In 1996 she decides to move to New Orleans and considers the city as her home base. Together with her husband and artist Stephen Paul Day she founds the Art Group "Club S&S" in 1994. Their collaborative shows and installations were shown at the CAC New Orleans, Freies Museum Berlin Germany , The Shawn Center of the Arts, Baton Rouge, The John Michael's Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI and many other Galleries and institutions worldwide. Sibylle received Grants from the Joan Mitchell Foundation, The Jackson Pollock Foundation and many Residencies including the Art and Industry Residency at the Kohler Factory, multiples Residencies at the CGCA at Wheaton Arts, NJ and a Studio Residency at Louisiana Art Works, New Orleans. Her work can be seen in many public collections like the Speed Museum, Louisville, KY, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal Canada, MAK Frankfurt, Germany, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, Corning Museum of Glass and many more.


  • Zirkus( Collaboration piece Club S&S)
    mixed media on paper
    68"h x 100"w
  • Portraits of Genie and Victor
    18"h x 87"w x 11"d
    detail of Portraits of Genie and Victor
  • Victor
    mixed media on plexiglass
    86"h x 58" w x 0.5"d
  • The Hawk
    mixed media on plexiglass
    24"w x 89"h x 0.5"w
    detail of The Hawk
  • Genie1
    mixed media on plexi glass
    28"h x 68"w x 0.5"d